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Dokodemo Issho Christmas Ver.: Toro

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Type : Extras

Série : Doko Demo Issyo [Voir aussi]

Date de sortie : 28/11/2009

Prix : 1425¥

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Informations sur le modèle/la série
Type : Jeux Vidéo

Année : 2006

Résumé :
Mainichi Issho is part of the Doko Demo Issho game series that resolves around the Toro cat character. Episodes spawned on the PlayStation series of home and handleheld consoles starting in 1999 with the original PlayStation. Since then various sequels and sidestories were released including on Windows systems and cell phones such as the imode. Even though the franchise is popular in Japan and known in South-East Asia, no game had a western release yet.

Mainichi Issho is the 12th game in the series and was made available for free download on the Japanese PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3's launch date in November 2006. It is preceded and followed by two cell phone games.

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